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Plant It Forward


The Branch to Hope Team has prayerfully developed subscription support, to extend a branch of encouragement to those who need hope, yet would not typically subscribe or are unable financially.

Your efforts of planting seeds, along with your monthly donation, an amount less than a cup of coffee a month, we will work together to extend an opportunity for others to join The Branch to Hope App, and become part of a prayer group of hope, along with some simple and consistent ways, to develop more spiritual habits and characteristics. We suggest a donation of $4.44 per month.


Here is why:
$1.11 is devoted to your personal membership per month

$1.11 is devoted as a gift for someone you know

$1.11 is devoted to someone you don’t yet know, but you meet as you go about life in the public arena, someone the Lord draws to you.

$1.11 is devoted to someone in foreign lands who would never have the opportunity to be a part of an App prayer group. You will receive notice of the person's country and experience the group's real time excitement, as they are gifted The Branch to Hope App.

Note, The Branch to Hope App is free but dependent upon donations to maintain, upgrade, and expand the platform to remain a free vessel for God to use to expand His Kingdom.

Monthly Subscription

Pay It Forward $4.44 Subscription Billed Monthly

Holy Bible

Monthly Subscription Box

Custom Gifted Subscription Box Billed Monthly $44.44 With Custom Candle + Curated Inspirational Gifts

Gift Box

Annual Subscription - 2 Months FREE

Pay It Forward $44.44 Subscription Billed Annualy

Coffee and Book

3 Month Subscription Box - SAVE 16%

Custom Gifted Subscription Box Billed Quarterly $111 With Custom Candle + Curated Inspirational Gifts