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Our Branch To Hope App, was launched in 2021, representing a virtual church in the palm of your hand, a seamless way to reach the lost through the power of prayer, and to encourage a more intimate daily relationship with Jesus.  Our goal is to encourage the formation of prayer groups in communities throughout the country,  to pause and pray every day at 1:11 PM together, with a unified voice. 

We are now branching out the brand by developing our first model for a community center in Aledo, Texas, The Branch To Hope Community Center, a brick-and-mortar Christ-focused community center, offering warm hugs and face-to-face interactions after shut-in pandemic mandates began altering our culture of neighborly support.  Our Branch to Hope Community Center vision encourages the centers to be championed by local communities, inspiring a renewed spirit of working together for the community,  combining individual unique skills and talents, gifted to make a difference to regain the spirit of unity and support in neighborly love, as Jesus intended in the body of Christ.  Much like in the olden days, when neighbors gathered to rebuild homes and barns after a fire, or plant gardens after stormy winds, living life together in support of one another. Branch to Hope Community Center is a non-profit organization, with the heart to offer a carefully designed array of guidelines and activities, that can be adapted to create a Branch to Hope Community Center in your area. 

Branch To Hope has also created a HomeChurch model for those who feel the inspiration to open the doors to their homes, providing a place to gather to worship regularly, since many church attendances continue to fail to regain their momentum, as a result of the tragic government-mandated closures.

The founder of the Branch To Hope brand has been hosting HomeChurch since the pandemic began.  The model is based on  Jesus creating the agenda each week, and draws those He intends to gather in a unique design each week.  She never knows who will walk through the threshold, but notices that everyone seems to leave with renewed strength, and better equipped to be a light in the darkness in our world. She continues to share that everyone in attendance has helped to create a HomeChurch model that seems to work, and hearts remain open for continual refinement, always learning together how to handle the pitfalls and the plateaus, creating an environment to inspire and encourage each one’s individual gifts, working together to make a difference, in support and unity to grow the Kingdom of God together. 

For those inspired to extend their branches, by creating an environment to gather in worship, sharing God-Moments,  and joining in prayer together, we have created a guideline for which can be modeled, a foundation to offer an environment of worship, building the character of Christ in service together in a unified spirit. 

Branch To Hope brands offer an opportunity to reach the lost, strengthening and equipping the body of Christ, and providing a unity in spirit for which God intended for the Body of Christ. 

We are hopeful that you will be inspired to join our Branch To Hope Family, in an effort to weave our spirits into a tapestry of unity, extending branches to hope for the hopeless across our land, through our Branch To Hope brands, by extending an invitation to join our Branch To Hope App, creating a Branch To Hope Community Center in your area, or offering an intimate environment for a Branch To Hope HomeChurch in your neighborhood. 

As we join forces as unified believers in Jesus, we can ignite a movement to restore our country, regaining a spirit of peace amid the chaos across our land, redefining the foundation for which our forefathers founded the United States of America, based on the principles of our Lord Jesus Christ, from the love of God, in the character of His Spirit of goodness and grace. 

Join us; let’s create a revival of unity together.

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