Arthrosis Therapy

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Progressive Arthrosis Therapy


What is so special about the Progressive Arthrosis Therapy? The application uses a combination of natural substances in a new type of composition and thus enables the possibility to reduce side effects. Vitamin E becomes the greasy carrier medium which acts as the tissue tolerated lubricant within the joint.


This way the physiological need of the sickened joint can be fulfilled after:

   * Replacement of missing synovial fluid
   * Stimulus of the metabolism
   * New development of the nutrition and regeneration of the cartilage
   * Anti-inflammation
   * The ability of the joint surfaces to glide

What can be achieved through the Progressive Arthrosis Therapy?

In principle, one cannot completely differentiate natural age changes from cartilage changes caused by arthrosis.


In the course of time, the cartilage construction changes due to proteoglycans. These are protein-sugar-compounds which the majority of the cartilage construction is based upon. The sulfur content declines therefore it results in a drop of these protein-bound proteogycans. Also, in the course of development, there is a lack of compound proteins, and an immature cartilage is recreated. Therefore, it results in a drop of the water content which makes the cartilage lose its flexibility characteristics. It becomes harder, it splits, it is decomposed in a fibrous way, and its nutrition is disturbed. Having the currently described process before our eyes, a program for the treatment of the arthrosis has been developed: The Progressive Arthrosis Therapy.


Depending on the diagnosis, consists of one or more injections. An injection consists of a mixture of Vitamin E, proteoglycan and a special emulgator with gliding effect on the joint surfaces. This mixture is injected into the joint after a local anesthesia  has been previously injected. The proteoglycan which is used here is similar to a substance that constituted a large portion of the cartilage in our youth. The joint is thus offered the exact substance for recreation which upholds the structure of the juvenile cartilage.


The treatment is completed by a “joint filling” consisting of Vitamin E and a special emulgator with gliding effect on the joint surfaces. Vitamin E is a radical scavenger which means it is an anti-inflammatory drug. Also, Vitamin E is a natural substance and thus according to experience well tolerated. This way certain inflammation processes can be quenched and the accompanying inflammation can be slowed down. Cartilage contains no vessels, so it will only be nourished by the tissue pressure of the surrounding fluid.


In order for the Vitamin E and its anti-inflammatory effect to become important, it will have to infiltrate in as many gaps of the cartilage and tissue as possible and remain as a lubricant on the surface of the joint. If the worn out joint surfaces do not rub against each other, aching caused by moving and burdening will stop. Therefore, it may occur that the patient could possibly be able to walk around painless or at least with less pain after the efficiency of the anesthesia within the joint is exhausted. The injection itself can be regarded as almost painless.


In sum the possible benefit is as follows:

    * Proteoglycan encourages the regeneration of the cartilage system
    * Vitamin E serves as an anti-inflammation agent
    * Vitamin E can improve slippage and reduce pain
    * Special emulgator with gliding effect on the joint surfaces



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