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Scripture Whispers...

Are designed to give you one scripture a day that is associated with the day's date followed by an unmentioned challenge to use the
scripture in your conversations!

Each day, users will receive a notification as a reminder to make their way to the Scripture Whispers channel on the app.  Once here, users will discover the scripture of the day associated with the day's date. As an example, Ephesians 3:20 might be the scripture for March 20. 

Once you have read the post, the big challenge is for each user to explore ways to speak scripture into someone’s life without divulging the Bible is being quoted.

The reason for associating a scripture with the day's date is simple. Throughout the day, there are multiple opportunities for visual reminders to interact with today's scripture. You will notice the date on our phone or watches, on a car dashboard, on paperwork and calendars.


Be encouraged to use these quiet nudges as reminders to spend a moment on the scripture of the day, and to intertwine the verse within conversations turning our scripture whispers into your spiritual whispers - quietly breathing the breath of God into life around you.

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