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BTH Home Church

Discover the story that started it all, the inspiration of 1:11, and how to get involved.

Invitation Sample:

Tuesday Nights

  • Doors Open at 6:30pm

  • Buffet Dinner and Fellowship 

  • Worship begins by 7:30

The Spirit of Jesus will ROCK THE ATMOSPHERE as HE always does.  

A church like you’ve never known as we gather for...

  • Encouragement and Prayer 

  • Inspirational and Fellowship

No set format; that’s Jesus’s job and His agenda as He leads us.

Bring your God-Moments and God-Stories as you are inspired to share. 

Bring your musical instruments and songs and voices to proclaim praises together in worship.  

Bring scriptures and share how Jesus’s Words capture your heart. 

Bring your prayers and your prayer requests, and let’s watch in bold amazement to see God move mountains as a result of the unity of gathering in prayer. 

Bring your open hearts to become encouraged and to encourage...inspired and to be uplifted and uplift others.

Food will be provided, fresh ice tea, lemonade, and water. If you are inspired to bring your favorite dish to share and drink of choice, please do. 

Shall we no longer stand on the sidelines while our country is in disarray and church attendance has been altered while things continue to change dramatically? Let’s join together and create a style of a church with no set plan, led by the inspiration of Holy Spirit.

May we open our hearts to invite those with whom Jesus whispers into our spirits, to be blessed by the love of Jesus among us, one life at a time. 

We each have a unique ministry working within us; let’s join together those threads and allow Jesus to weave a magnificent tapestry, in unity; His people, building relationships, spreading the love of the Lord. 

Let's look forward to what Jesus has in mind as we gather together and build a church that makes a difference, together, through us, His people. 

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Image by Sixteen Miles Out
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