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BTH Publishing

Branch to Hope is a trusted place to offer a platform for so many with a story to tell, along with hidden writing talents to uncover. 

There are many avenues to self-publish or ways to seek out publishers but many published books never reach the eyeballs of those who were intended to be encouraged by someone’s journey. 

Branch to Hope is an avenue of opportunities, a place to be discovered, defining meaning from life’s journey both by the author and reader, to connect with a message together. 


Our journeys are meant to have meaning and to be shared on a global stage, bringing encouragement and inspiration to lost souls searching for a reason in their life. 

Branch to Hope is the trusted brand to rely upon to create those connections.  How often has a story or book impacted a transformation in someone’s life, creating change and a new trajectory toward the future? 

If you always felt you had a book within you, and don’t know where to start, we recommend using the voice memo on your phone and just talk your story as things come to mind. Then we can help you with a ghostwriter and editor and publisher, bringing life to your story. 

If you have written your life journey and are seeking the next step, Branch to Hope can navigate you through to those seeking a publishing opportunity. 

If you have a published book to add to our Branch to Hope Publishing platform, as a part of our family of trusted brands, let us be your Branch to Hope. 

Life is all about the stories, let us be your Branch to share your story. 

Ready to Get Published
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