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Children's Network

Branch to Hope listens to the needs and brands a platform to draw those in the industry to no longer be a silo, but create unity together to build the ways that support each other without competitive motives. 

A personal story we received from a dear friend in Arkansas reached out in a quandary on how to combat the battle with her 8-year-old who did not understand why Disney was off-limits. She asked, “What do I do, where do we go for quality inspirational animation that I can trust for my son to watch?”

Immediately we created a brand, Branch to Hope Children's Network, and it seemed suddenly a magnet of opportunities were attracted to reach out with high-quality animated stories from Bible characters and Biblical principles, teaching through entertainment.

A branch for children was needed and God is sprouting the way through Branch to Hope to attract quality trusted entertaining lessons for our next generation. 

Please join us at Branch to Hope in prayer that this brand grows limbs in all directions, harvesting hearts to make a difference in the years to come for our little people throughout our land.  

Children in Classroom
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