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BTH 1:11 Prayer App

Discover the story that started it all, the inspiration of 1:11, and how to get involved.

Many ask how 1:11 was created:

“I was reading 2 Corinthians 1:11 one day, which speaks of gathering in prayer together, and at that moment, I glanced at my watch; it was 1:11 PM. The Lord whispered to me to send out the words He inspires upon my heart in a text for our prayer group, encouraging us all to pause and pray together each day at 1:11.  Only God knows who needs to hear the message that He has each day to communicate, as evidenced by those who share their encouragement, just at that moment they needed Jesus’ inspiration of hope. 

It all began with a daily text to 20 in our prayer group, when we could no longer gather together because of the pandemic. It grew, just by word of mouth to hundreds, which sparked the idea for the Branch to Hope app.

There is such a variety of people in our 1:11 group now, who pause at the same time to pray every day in unity together. They are from all walks of life, all involved in our 1:11 unity of prayer together. I am humbled as Jesus speaks His voice to those He draws to become a part of our group to pray together each day.  I'm eternally grateful for those who reach out to others to join in our prayer movement, to extend a Branch to Hope to the hopeless. 

Jesus inspires a message with a whisper to my heart, which is included in the 1:11 notification each day, encouraging us all to pause and devote a unity of time to the Lord in prayer. It blesses me beyond measure and strengthens my walk and intimacy with Him each day, as there are many lessons His messages teach me too. 

Thank you for joining us in making a difference through prayer and devoting time to making a habit of living more like Jesus each day.

Branch to Hope is often called Jesus’ app. It is a social media platform that combines the power of a like-minded community, the power of prayer, and the 21-day habit-forming concept, to take your daily spiritual growth to the next level.

Branch to Hope leverages 6 main concepts to enhance your spiritual growth. The six concepts are:

1. Color of the day which reflects the 9 characteristics of Christ to inspire users to make a habit of intentional mirroring of Christ characters

2. Daily prayer message at 1:11 pm CST: pause together in unity to pray and reflect (based on 2 Corinthians 1:11)

3. Scripture of the day relates to the date and challenges users to translate into daily conversations

4. Small groups to encourage prayer support and Bible studies in the palm of your hand

5. $Forward to keep the app fully functional and up to date for worldwide expansion

6, Growth - a place for you to track your daily spiritual tithing of time with God.

While Branch to Hope indeed has its six main areas of focus, users are able to pick and choose their focus: grab one or two of ours, immerse in all six or create their own. Our community home wall makes this easy. Select any of the six actions, which relate to our six goals, and the first action button in each group for users to experience is “Start Here” which provides a friendly, easy explanation. Explore the different action items, and then become a part of our goals and spiritually grow with us! 

Our “Channels“ feature, found on the bottom navigation bar, also showcases posts explaining how to use our different features. Find these posts in the channel titled ”About Branch to Hope“. We are confident these lessons will transform even the least technical person into a confident and competent member of the community. Take your time getting to know the app and adjust your experience based on your comfort level and availability of time.

Nurture the Branch to Hope seed in the palm of your hand right now by joining this Jesus-filled community. Joining now provides you with tools to sprout into a spiritual Branch to Hope and grow by utilizing the daily notifications to pray with your community. Grow further by engaging in the actions on the community wall, interacting with others, and being involved in small groups. Grow deeper and deeper roots based on the spiritual lessons you explore in the channels and the Bible studies or virtual home church gatherings you join with up to 16 user devices at a time on live chats. Make a habit of producing the fruits of the spirit by practicing one character of Christ a day, sent to you via a notification reminder. As your fruit grows, you will notice the fruit around you grows even to the point of witnessing a proud bouncing back moment. Now plant the seeds for others by sharing our content, planting it forward by paying it forward, and sharing the Branch to Hope App (anywhere you see “Share the Hope” or a share icon).

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