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God Stories

There are divine appointments arranged throughout each day, with so many missed opportunities, so many unrealized God moments. 

When we become more intentional about the cognitive details of each day, and that there are divine moments scattered everywhere, we can more clearly realize how God orchestrates the details in our lives and creates testimonies and stories for us to share. 

Nothing is happenstance, there's meaning and purpose when we are intentional to notice and capture the times we find ourselves saying, “But God.”  Sharing stories that defy human understanding, knowing there was nothing less than divine intervention, encourages and inspires others amid these troubling times in our world. Creating a glimpse of hope for the hopeless is within our God stories. 

Branch to Hope is your voice to extend a Branch to Hope for the hopeless. Share your stories, make a difference, and bring meaning to your moments. 

Capture your God Stories audibly on a voice memo, or record them on your phone video, or if you prefer, write down your story, and send them to us to share. Our heart at Branch to Hope is to bring about unity by gathering our unique gifts and talents, reaching one life at a time together.  If a moment in each of our lives makes a difference, the value of life has meaning. 

Join us today to inspire and encourage by sharing your God stories, extending Branches to Hope, declaring that nothing is impossible in the Hands of God, and joining in unity with bold expectant faith; let's make a difference together. 

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