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BTH Music

There are many great melodies with Christ-focused messages that are undiscovered and need a place to be heard.

At Branch to Hope, we have heard the need, and we are developing a platform for the many unheard songs that will uplift our souls, bringing songs to life that play meaningful melodies of joy and inspiration, a chance to get lost in an experience through a new musical discovery.  

A songwriter writes a message from their heart and creates a sequence of notes that form a melodic wonder, weaving their musical gifting into someone’s heart, offering a Branch to Hope through music.  One unique melody can change the atmosphere for someone seeking hope in their seemingly hopeless situation. 

Our vision and passion are to create a trusted brand of opportunities for those unheard masterpieces.  Turn to us and let us be your Branch to Hope for music that needs ears to hear, hearts to mend, and a return of joy through the melodies of songs. 

We are prayerfully developing Branch to Hope Music, weaving together musical talent with hearts that will come alive and discover hope through inspirational music. 

Music Concert
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