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BTH Movie Studio

At Branch to Hope, we are expanding the brand into categories that have fallen short of values, character, and morals.  

Where do families go to enjoy a haven of assurance, where they can turn to watch entertainment that is not tainted with the ever-changing cultural disparities from brands we once depended upon. 

Branch to Hope is listening to the cries for a better solution.  We are committed to providing top-quality movies and docudramas of real-life stories about people who choose to rise above their circumstances, to become better equipped to live a life of value as an influence to others, offering encouragement in these tough times.  Branch to Hope is devoted to making a difference as a trusted brand in this ever-changing world, instilling a renewed Christ-focused foundation into the ways of life that matter. 

We are in pursuit of formulating a Branch to Hope Studio brand, to be a home for top entertainment, a trusted name in quality with values and morals we all expect for family entertainment.

We’ve heard the phrase, ‘build it and they will come.’  At Branch to Hope, we ‘brand it and they will come,’ and they are, like a magnet. When there’s an area of concern in our ever-changing culture, we add it to our Branch to Hope family of brands, creating a brand of trust.  Stand by for more updates as we create a safe place to go for feel-good movies and inspirational stories; a place to escape for encouragement and entertainment. 

Film Reel
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