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Color Of The Day...

Discover the story behind the meaning of the color of the day. Reflect on the color of the day - a tool to change the world through the nine fruits of the Spirit.

❤️ LOVE in all its expressions
💙 JOY that’s contagious
💚 PEACE that calms the storm
💗 PATIENCE that endures
💛 KINDNESS in action
🤎 GOODNESSES overflowing
💜 FAITHFULNESS that prevails
🤍 GENTLENESS of heart
🧡 SELF-CONTROL in spirit

Have you noticed? The world is so lacking in the qualities of kindness, goodness, joy … really all of the nine Fruit of the Spirits, the characteristics of Jesus that are listed in Galatians 5:22-23. One of our goals is to revive these nine Christ-like characteristics among us all.


To accomplish this, we associate each of the nine fruits with an individual color of the day.


Throughout the day, as an object reflecting the color of the day captures your eye, it allow it to be a simple reminder to concentrate on that particular characteristic of the day. As you reflect on the color and are reminded of the fruit of the spirit, be encouraged to make of habit of that character, allowing Christ's light to shine through you. You can even ’Snap’ a picture to share your experience with us all. You’ll see how encouraging and fun it is to view and comment on the objects others find.


After 21 days, they say a habit is formed, and in 189 days, all of the nine characteristics of Jesus will become more apart of your lifestyle.

Just a moment out of your day is all it takes to water the planted seeds of the fruits of the spirit. With this simple act of obedience, you will find yourself living more like Jesus with each passing day. One kind gesture can change someone’s day, leading to a change in their behavior, their atmosphere, their families, and their legacy. It all begins with you.

In time, you will experience a Bouncing Back Moment, a moment when the fruit you’ve demonstrated with others is returned to you. These moments serve as a beautiful confirmation of your effect on the world around you.

Once you receive your daily reminder, visit this channel to see today's color of the day! Then use the actions on the dashboard to share when you see the color during your day, when you take the opportunity to express today's Christ-like character,  share your bouncing back moments to encourage others, as your habits spread to reflect in others character moments too.

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