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Small Groups...

Have you ever found yourself in need of a safe place where you can share prayer requests with the confidence that your circle will be devoted, and rally around you, lifting you in prayer?

Then welcome to Small Prayer Groups!!! 

Branch To Hope prayer groups will allow you to connect and engage with others by sharing both requests and celebrating together answers to prayers. It’s a prayer wall that helps us grow closer to our Creator, embracing a Branch to Hope just when needed, as we all encounter hopeless moments in this troubled world. 

Branch To Hope is sharing from our hearts to yours, through this church in the palm of your hand, an opportunity to join or create local prayer groups, experiencing the power of prayer together. 

Join us and download Jesus’ Branch To Hope app, and become part of our 1:11 time to pause and pray each day together. Our goal is to inspire prayer groups throughout the country to pause and pray at 1:11 for each other, our country, and the world. The power of prayer can ignite a movement from the devotion of prayer were warriors right from the palm of our hands. Jesus depends upon us, let’s do this for Him together.

Download the app to join a small group or start your "Underground Prayer" community.

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