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Tithing With Time...

Let's get out there and grow the seeds of God starting with ourselves!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see how much time you spend growing closer to God, inviting Him to make an inspirational imprint on your soul? One of the unique aspects, of our Branch To Hope app, is the self-reporting tracking system, which will provide insight into the variety and frequency of your daily spiritual engagement.


"We can easily track the money we tithe, but how do we possibly keep up with the time we spend spiritually tithing our time?"

                                                                                                                                                - Branch to Hope Founder, Bobbie Cox


The app features a self-reporting system to reveal to you your spiritual tithing of time. You can track these actions by visiting the home page and selecting the action button labeled "Growth". From here, you will find options that include:

• Time Spent in Prayer

• Studied Devotional

• Christian Music

• Public Worship Time

• Changed a Life

• Journaled

• Read My Bible

• Watched Christian TV

• Personal Worship Time

• Attended a Christian Event

• Service Project

Be encouraged each day to realize the moments you devote to God.

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