Cost Overview

Draw Kit including heparin on blue ice is shipped to patient Fed Ex overnight within the states at an estimated cost typically under $100. 


Options to Transport Specimens from US to Germany


Option #1:


International Courier Express Service, approved to transport and hand carry the blood and urine sample directly to the clinic by a hand carried courier representative in cases of a very time sensitive need to expedite the treatment for a guaranteed delivery to the German Lab by deadline for processing the specimens at a cost of $2,500. 


Option #2:


Typically the delivery of the blood and urine samples are sent via International Overnight Express although not guaranteed to arrive by deadline as the blood is required to be processed within72 hours from the time the blood is drawn or it must be destroyed per German government restrictions. The only day to ship via Fed Ex is MONDAY.  The estimated Fed Ex charge is under $300 and is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday for immediate processing.    


Transport Treatment from Germany to US 


There are no Fed Ex services available to return treatment through customs. The only way to return the treatment is hand delivered to the states by courier at a charge of $2,500. Treatment lands into states via DFW.  Treatment is re-iced and Fed Ex overnight to doorstep of patient at an estimated cost of $100.00. 








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