Course of Treatment

Branch to Hope is passionate in helping to make Dr. Kief's treatment available and has worked tirelessly in developing a system to make it as seamless in the process as possible.  Through the efforts of our organization, it is no longer necessary for each patient to travel twice to Germany to receive the treatment.  There is a process which takes time to complete to meet the requirements once a decision to move forward has been determined.  We are limited with the number of draws transported each month to Dr. Kief's clinic in Ludwigshafen, Germany therefore please email with your committed interest to secure the space.  It further takes a minimum of four to six weeks to grow the culture to produce the treatment so keep that in your consideration.  WIthin the email to establish you as a patient, please provide your Date of Birth and Legal Name so we can begin the process.  Once you have secured and established your commitment,  please follow the steps below:



Step 1:  Locate a nurse or doctor to perform the blood draw; all supplies will be provided from Germany and sent directly to the address you provide.  It is necessary to find an alternatively minded doctor or nurse in your area, one that works with IV's of Chelation or Vitamin C IV's and they are the most likely willing to perform this service for you.  If you access and go to the bottom under the heading 'Public Information' and then click on 'Find a physician in your area', you can locate through zip code a list of doctors described above in your area.  Often seeking a nurse will be another source as in the Dallas area we have a nurse who goes to one's home.  There is a complete instruction link on our website in which you can direct them to at and look under 'Dr. Kief's Treatment' and click on 'Instructions' for a view of the blood draw kit and to download the step-by-step instructions to draw the blood.



Step 2:  Provide via email the address to send the federal express overnight blood draw kit which includes everything needed with clear directions for a doctor/nurse to perform the draw.  It will include a vial/injection of heparin which must be REFRIGERATED; this is to inject in the bottle to keep the blood from clotting.  Please put the blue ice in the FREEZER which will be used to pack the blood draw back into the kit to federal express back to the Dallas, Texas address provided in the packaging.  There is a urine cup that must be filled and top placed on very securely and it is recommended to put packing tape around the top and in a tightly sealed bag.  The urine is a very important part of the testing and treatment and if it is not adequate, the treatment cannot be completed.



Step 3:  It is very important to complete the paperwork included within the packaging and return it with the blood draw kit.  We suggest that you write out a paragraph in addition to include a road map of your illnesses from childhood to current.  These diseases leave a blue print that is very helpful in testing various viruses, fungi, bacteria and germs to create the most effective treatment.  Any additional medical records you can provide is always helpful.



Step 4:  The clinic will email you two (2) invoices, one for the testing and one for the treatment.  These each have separate wiring instructions.  Be sure your bank understands the amounts are in Euros and not US dollars when authorizing the wire.  These funds must be received before the testing and treatment can begin.



Step 5:  Send the courier and facilitating expenses of $2,500 to Branch to Hope and mail to:  4620 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX  75229.  This includes the international trip and all associated travel expenses to retrieve the treatment from Germany and hand deliver back to the US to repacked on ice to ship to your door via Federal Express for the next morning delivery.  The only additional charge will be for Federal Express costs and that invoice will be included in the packaging to remit the amount back to Branch to Hope. If you choose to use our courier arrangements to hand carry the transport of blood and urine samples from the US to Germany, an additional expense of $2,500 will apply for courier travel expenses.



Step 6:  IMPORTANT….Once the the blood and urine Draw is complete, it should be placed back into the kit along with the blue ice and repackaged in the same box with the new label provided within the packaging and Federal Expressed to arrive FIRST MORNING DELIVERY the next day,  the day of the courier trip as there is a 72 hour window of time for the blood to reach the clinic and before the blood is unusable and must be destroyed per German Government. Please notify us with the tracking number as soon as the package is taken at the Fed Ex counter.



Step 7:  The completed treatment will be transported from Germany to the US and returned to you in ice packs via Federal Express  for a next morning delivery to your doorstep.  We will contact you directly regarding the date of arrival and send a tracking number to confirm.



Branch to Hope will be available for any guidance or questions or support, we are committed to providing resources to promote a better quality of life.  We remain with you through the journey of your treatment and always in prayer for your health.