Hino Medical Center


"To build a solid and sustainable institution that keeps improving its values and principles, therefore the community can recognize us as an alternative health program, which mission is to improve its patients' quality of life."


Dr. Hino attended The California Institute of Technology and then received his doctorate in Molecular Biology from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England.





Dr. Hino, is currently the Administrator at the Hino Medical Center. The Hino Medical Center has over 10,000 patients from all over the world. Almost 85% of these patients fly into nearby airports and use the Medical Center's shuttle service. Local hotels accommodate Dr. Hino's patients with special rates and reservation services.


The Hino Medical Center advises over 300 doctors world wide and receives patient referrals from these practitioners. The Hino Medical Center has outgrown its current facility due to the unexpected growth in patient numbers, referred to Dr. Hino by former patients.


The research and development of new healing products, developed in cooperation with State and other facilities, joint ventures and collaborative efforts with health professionals in several countries promises to make advanced treatments available and can provide a profitable footing for an enlarged facility in Ensenada, as well as Medical Tourism in the form of more planned facilities across Mexico which will boost the local economy, open new job opportunities and provide holistic and other advanced medical treatments to eradicate diseases, some of which are currently being treated with methods not conducive to the general health of the human body.


The current facility is too small to serve the constant growth of the number of patients seeking Dr. Hino's help. Dr. Hino does not advertise services, it is the experience patients have at the clinic and the successful treatment of their illnesses that prompts patients to recommend the treatments to others.


Once you meet Dr. Hino, the purpose of his mission becomes clear and obvious. Healing illnesses has been his passion for all his life. The building of facilities all around the world in countries that allow and can use Dr. Hino's practices and formulas will revolutionize the medical industry.

Dr. Michael Hino


Administrator of Hino Medical Center

Tel. +52 (646)175.36.07 | Fax. +52 (646)175.34


Disclaimer: This website is not intended as an advertisement. Rather, the purpose of this website is to inform the public of concepts and articles for readers to consider for themselves and to discuss with their family and caregivers. In no way should this information be used to diagnose or treat any disease. This can only be done by a qualified medical professional and only after a complete history and physical examination is done and the proper testing is ordered.

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