Instructions To Collect Specimen

The overall need of specimen is:
200 ml blood and 80 ml urine.

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*All supplies needed to collect specimen are provided by BTH and pictured here:















Drawing & Shipping Procedure


Take a 200 ml sterile plasma bottle or sterile blood bag from transfusional medicine and put 5000 units of low-molecular heparin (e.g. Clexane) into the container.


  • In order to avoid contamination the blood needs to be drawn directly into the containers

  • All containers need to be sealed appropriately

  • All containers need to be labeled with

    • Name, DOB, date and time of collection, body temperature




The document attached named COLLECTION AND SHIPPMENT SOURCE OF MATERIAL the guideline standards of the internal operating instructions of Dr. Kief’s Clinic and provided only for a guideline reference as the instructions below indicated a variance in when and how to insert heparin insertion which is not a step at the clinic:







ALERT: You have to put the heparin into the bottle! Before the blood drawn!!

 1. Disinfect rubber plug on the vacuum bottle with disinfectant, and then insert the vial of heparin into the large circle of the vacuum bottle.

 2. Remove the transfusion set from packaging and CLOSE the roller clamp of the transfusion set. The roller clamp must remain closed until the start of the blood collection!!!

3. Stab the transfusion set into the large circle of the vacuum bottle.

4. Prepare adapter with butterfly and adhesive tape, then carry out venipuncture with butterfly.

5. Now connect the transfusion set to the butterfly and ensure it is attached.

6. Only now open the roller clamp and let the blood flow into the bottle.


 It is critical not to break the vacuum by following the directions above carefully to keep stable the vacuum in the bottle.


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