International Courier Express Service

Courier ~ U.S. Outbound Blood & Urine Sample

 * If certain requirements are met, please see below for the break down details of the total courier cost of  starting at $2,500 each way depending on season of travel.


The transport of blood and urine has typically been done via Federal Express International in the past however once their hub changed from Frankfurt to Cologne, Germany, there were various blood shipments which became delayed and did not make it to the Kief Clinic in the 72 hour window in which the Germany government requires before the blood is no longer useable for testing or for production.


Branch to Hope stepped in to determine a more dependable solution.  Through diligent efforts and a persistent pursuit of approval stages, we have established a relationship with an International Courier Express Service that is licensed and approved to transport the blood and urine sample straight to the clinic by a hand carried courier representative:

  •     Within the aircraft

  •     With the package on-ice

  •     Within sight at all times


This service is provided at a cost TBD payable to International Courier Express Service by check or wire transfer.  Once the package arrives to the Branch to Hope facility, the package will be carefully prepared for international shipping and the transfer of the package on ice and in preparation with all required paperwork will be delivered by a Branch to Hope representative to the DFW Airport for transport to Germany. 

The blood and urine sample, once drawn, must be packaged on ice and placed within the bio-hazard bag provided by Federal Express and shipped for NEXT MORNING DELIVERY to the Branch to Hope facility. 

Please call (214) 227-2590 for the shipping address and instructions.

It is imperative that you communicate in advance your intended date to ship, as there are limited spaces available by the courier and by the clinic each trip.

Courier ~ Germany Return of Serum


There are some patients unable to travel to Germany due to a medical incapacitating state of health.  Branch to Hope has blazed the trails for those patients who qualify under the rules and regulations of requirements to make it possible to have the serum couriered back to you through our collaborating partner, International Courier Express Service based on the verification of your needs with the signed and notarized documentation below.

  • Power of Attorney signed and notarized authorizing Branch to Hope to be a courier representative on your behalf

  • A letter from your US doctor stating: Your US doctor will remain under your care in collaboration with Dr. Kief while under treatment

  • Your condition has been exhausted by all measure of treatments offered in the US

  • You are unable to travel to Germany

Please fax these documents to The Branch to Hope office at (800) 308-6686 prior to the shipment arrival for verification and additionally include the original signature documents in the federal express package of the blood and urine specimens.

You can find all the forms you need under our FORMS section.