Bobbie’s BTH Journey

When Bobbie Cox got involved in researching any possible alternative from the ‘US medical protocol’ offered…chemo, radiation and surgery for her husband diagnosed with colon cancer, that was the beginning of the passion that would become Branch to Hope. Frustrated with the system of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical greed and the tactics she learned was governing health options in our system, when other countries endorsed alternative treatments that were having an impact, she went international. Germany had the best reputation in being on the edge of major discoveries and so she was lead to the office of Dr. Kief in Ludwigshafen, Germany of which she has now been responsible for the extended life and better quality of life for upwards of 100 patients, from preventative to cancer. Bobbie having US doctors tell her she was “healthy as a horse,” she asked Dr. Kief to run a diagnostic test of her blood and urine expecting what the US doctors reported. Quite to the contrary, Dr. Kief apologized on the onset to be the giver of disturbing news that she had high markers of germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus in her system that were highly pre-cancerous. Bobbie said, “So what does that mean Dr. Kief?” He responded, “That you will have cancer in the next 10 to 20 years”….. yet with a big smile on his face he proclaimed, “But I can help you Bobbie, with a treatment taking your own blood and urine, I can create a treatment made with your own blood so your body will not reject it, and add the antibodies your body is lacking, just like God meant in the Garden of Eden, and irradiate those cancer cells”…… AND WITH FOLLOW-UP TESTING, THEY ARE GONE!!!

We have seen countless cancer patients, whether they have opted out of chemo or along with chemo, experience extended lives and better quality of lives, it just makes sense to replenish what cancer or chemo has stripped from the body’s natural ability to fight the illness. Any illness or disease which is immune related can have a very hopeful result with Dr. Kief’s AHIT Treatment.

One of the most rewarding results for Dr. Kief has been with Pulmonary Fibrosis, typically a 3 months to 2 year death sentence. We had 3 patients in the fall of 2014 call our office located individually throughout the US in a frantic state asking if we could help them. Their doctors had told them all, get your affairs in order, you will not live to see Christmas. We are thrilled to report they not only have memories of a very Merry Christmas but are all improving in their lung functions! There is no doctor we have uncovered in the world with this type of results for this disease. There was one patient expected to live 3 months in 2011 who is living a healthy quality of life. Another was given the same prognosis, now mowing his grass at age 89 and sent a recent email he was considering skiing again next season!

We are blessed to be a facilitator as the ambassador to give people HOPE, a BRANCH TO HOPE in ones quality of life and often an extended life. So if for preventative/proactive or with a family member or friend with a terminal illness, let’s explore together your conduit of HOPE!


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