What is A Blood Wash?

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Blood Wash


‘Blood Wash’ is the layman’s expression for a therapy that is otherwise known as ‘Major Autohemotherap’ in the English usage. Up to 200 ml of blood will be drawn in a sterile plasma bottle and mixed with a carefully prescribed amount of an ozone-oxygenmixture.

The blood itself will be made incoaluable by means of heparine or sodium citrate. The amount of this ozone-oxygen-mixture and its concentration for the ‘blood wash’ is determined on a per patient basis according to the diagnosis of the patient’s health. Usually low dosages are applied for circulatory disorders, medium dosages for the immune stimulation and high dosages for rheumatism. A special version of this ‘Major Autohemotherapy’ is the hyperbaric ozone therapy which was developed by Dr. med. H. Kief, a pioneer in the ozone industry.


With this therapy, the blood is absorbed via a machine with regulated vacuum, and then the ozone stream is inversed with a slight pressure within the bottle, not within the body, and the patient's blood becomes contaminated by the ozone-oxygen mixture through this process. Although during this process larger amounts of this ozone mixture are used, the side effect rate is slightly lower and the clinical success is higher. It is the only procedure in natural medicine which thus far has proven metabolic effects on the fat and protein metabolism within the organism and in some cases, full remission of severe chronic hepatitis has been achieved. Through the stimulation of the oxidative processes within the organism, the bodies own defenses are increased as well as the physical and mental performance and a general regenerative process occurs. Interestingly, due to the highly oxidative potential of the ozone during this procedure, a measurable and reductive process is induced within the body and at the same time, there occurs a measurable counter-regulation of the organism against released free radicals.

Moreover, the opportunity to see positive results from this reductive reaction can also be used with possible malignant diseases, as the organism of the cancer patient cannot counter-regulate however the ‘blood wash’ can also induce this process within the body.



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